What Every Handyman Should Know About Legal Guidelines

Yo, listen up, all you handymen out there
Knowin’ the law is crucial, so you better beware
From South Carolina to Hawaii, the rules do vary
But knowledge is power, so let’s not tarry

First up, let’s talk about
what a handyman can legally do in South Carolina
Don’t wanna get in trouble, so make sure you’re in the know
Next, peep this
free Florida lease agreement
No worries, no stress, just download and go

Now, the
rules of war from the United Nations
Keep the peace, avoid the fight, make sure things are alright
And don’t forget about the
smallest road legal car in the UK
Stay legal, stay safe, don’t let your ride take a hike

If you’re in the franchise game, know about
termination of franchise agreements
It’s all about the law, don’t let it be a mystery
And for all the smokers out there, peep the
California smoking laws
Stay within the lines, don’t let it be a flaw

Can you have
colored headlights
Is it legal or not? Don’t let your ride stand out
And if you got an old contract, can you
amend it after it’s expired
Don’t sign a new one, just get it rewired

Last but not least, are
wolf hybrids legal in Tennessee
Keep your pets in check, don’t let them run free
And if you’re out in Hawaii, know the
emancipation laws
Know your rights, don’t let them be a loss

So there you have it, all the legal lingo
Handyman or not, it’s good to know the law, don’t be a dingo
Stay informed, stay legal, keep yourself in the clear
And when in doubt, just remember, the law is always near