Elevate Legal Services is a law company. Who offer consulting, technology and services for law departments and law firms.Elevate are committed to improving outcomes for legal professionals. Elevate unlock project management, client and workflow management, and operational processes for their customers.

To keep helping their customers grow, they need to communicate effectively. With key staff in different locations globally it would not be ideal to do so in person. Elevate relies on quality video conferencing that replicates the connection of human meetings.

The Challenge:

The Need for More Productive Meetings.

Every business grows with great communications and relationships. Traveling to and from meetings is not ideal. Besides the stress and cost, the company has to protect staff from Covid-19.

And they had to do so speedily. With stringent deadlines to meet, a video conferencing solution had to be set up with premium quality.

Although Elevate had used video conferencing in their meeting rooms before they could not share content and collaborate seamlessly,

providing a boardroom to boardroom immersive experience cross Atlantic. They needed a solution that could enhance collaboration at an affordable price.

CME and AVworx were at hand to meet these requirements.

Cloud Made Easy collaborated with AVworx, and together:

  • Consulted with Elevate to understand their needs clearly
  • Determined the right technology and method to use
  • Project managed the experience and delivered an easy-to-use, one button to push experience in Elevate’s meeting room
  • Ran a proof of concept beforehand to troubleshoot any network challenges
  • Trained the team to use the video conferencing tool easily

Throughout the process, we focused on a terrific customer and user experience just as much as we deployed our technical abilities.

The Results

The solution improved Elevate’s meetings. With CME and AVworx video conferencing tool, Elevate holds meetings like they were in-person, but without traveling.

They can plan, work and drive excellent results for their customers, as if they were in the same room.

Mylan Lieu from Elevate, when discussing the increase in their productivity remarked ;

‘ CME and AVworx helped transform our meetings into powerful sessions. Through video, we can work effectively as a team. I believe that CME and AVworx will be key to our future remote and virtual work solutions’.