Better Communication Across Distance


At The Centre for Inclusive Leadership(TCfIL), experts collaborate  to design optimal work environments for organisations

TCfIL creates inclusive work environments by promoting diversity  and inclusion. People come first, so they accord quality treatment  to employees and help them maximise their potential.

It was difficult to hold effective meetings, but with  Cloud Made Easy’s Video Conferencing Solution, we create ‘tapping  your colleague on the shoulder’ moments through virtual technology.

The Challenge

Communication is pivotal to TCfIL. It helps them clarify values,  define purposes, and share ideas between themselves.

They believe – and rightly so – that efficient interactions build  tolerant and progressive work environments.

But they had a challenge; their teams comprise a diverse number  of people dispersed across the world, and they had to optimise  their communication.

They did not want to expose themselves to Covid-19 from orbiting  the globe, nor did they want to spend a fortune every time they  needed to converse.

They also wanted more effective and result-driving meetings. With  other solutions, their meetings felt distant. It was also hard to  integrate the communication tool with existing enterprise software.

They realised they needed a reliable and affordable platform that  connected team members from everywhere and at anytime.

From the recommendations they received, they concluded Cloud  Made Easy are experts at creating the software that would  connect the team together. And they do so with pace and attention  to their  customer experience.

The Solution

TCfIL reached out to Cloud Made Easy with the intent to optimise their meetings. We were excited to take on  the task because we understand that better meetings accelerate the growth of companies.

We designed a team management that facilitates seamless collaboration. We consulted TCfIL team members with the right solution which would allow:

  • Simple and effective to use and integrate  with existing solutions seamlessly
  • Solid, reliable, and consistent
  • Of premium quality with multiple  functionalities
  • Deployable and maintainable with minimal  IT staff and budget
  • Ideal for meetings, conferences, seminars,  recruiting, and more
  • Structured for inter and intra-team  collaborations
  • Ideal for file sharing, tagging and modifications  on the go

The Results

Members of staff can easily share ideas, brainstorm,  and implement meeting resolutions smoothly  without having to travel miles.

Head of Digital – Paul Walsh at TCfIL stated ;

 “the  whole process was seamless and the end result was just what we needed. CME went the extra mile to provide the right solution for us.

A lot of companies  say this is important to them but don’t actually practice what they preach. Unlike other vendors, CME quickly identified my needs and executed the  process in a very efficient and transparent way.

I am and will continue to recommend CME to people  in my network.”